Peer-to-Peer Proofreading Community

Get feedback on your blog posts and technical documentation from other writers, users and engineers for free.
Feedback Farm - free proofreading

Proofreading is like unit testing for documents

Our community fills the niche between a spellchecker and a professional editor. The feedback is focused on correctness, ease of reading, clarity and style.

One-click submission

Copy-paste your entire text and images into the queue and other members of the community will give you their feedback.

Tools for quick proofreading

Our simple and streamlined interface makes it easier to give feedback as you read.

It's free

You don't have to pay, but you have to help others before they can help you.

Community of expertise

All new members are vetted before being accepted into the community. Writer and reviewer ratings keep the community free of spam and bad actors.

Give more to get more

Documents are ranked by size and complexity to balance the effort on both sides. The more effort you put into the works of others the more you get in return.

Diversity of opinion

Get feedback from multiple reviewers to get a better understanding of how your text is perceived.